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Hip-Hop Pop-Up is mp3 playing software that pops up websites of brand names in real time as they are mentioned in rap music. URLs and time codes are embedded in popular mp3 files which are then shared via the web, p2p networks, and torrents. The file plays normally in any software or ipod but when played using the custom Hip-Hop Pop-Up software all brand names mentioned by your favorite MC will send you immediately to the company's home page so you can learn more information about the products. For example, at 2 minutes and 38 seconds into the song Big Poppa when Puffy asks Biggie, “How ya livin Biggie Smallz?” his reply, “In mansion and Benz's Givin ends to my friends and it feels stupendous” would then pop-up the URL www.mercedes-benz.com. Hip-Hop Pop is a glimpse at a grim but potential future of the state of mainstream rap music.

Users will be encouraged to enter their own URLs and time codes of their favorite songs and share the .mp3 files with the community of Hip-Hop Pop-Up users. The software will exist as an online mp3 player and/or iTunes plug-in (depending on future creative and/or technical decisions).

Potential funding through the Rhizome Commissions program will go towards artist fees for both Evan Roth and Evan Harper, web registration and hosting, and potentially payment for assistance in programming and content production. Evan Harper and Evan Roth are currently both senior fellows at Eyebeam and their bios, resumes, and projects are listed below.


Evan Roth: bio, resume, projects:
- Explicit Content Only
- Skymall Liberation
- Graffiti Research Lab

Evan Harper: bio, resume, projects:
- Wolfengitmo
- Genomic Psalm of the Day Dashboard Widget